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Designing the Vision.

How is it September!? As we enter the last part of this year I can’t deny that 2020 has been a somewhat strange year! However I have had a real look at what has gone well this year and actually there are lots of things! It’s too easy to hold on to what we haven’t been able to do, or what could have been, but I am a great believer in everything happens for a reason, and although there might be lots of different reasons for different people, I genuinely believe that as awful as the COVID situation is, it has bought a whole host of new opportunities!

Although I have been making a return from a head injury, it has offered me the unique opportunity to catch up! Whilst others were probably ready to compete when we went into lockdown I was far from it! In fact now that I look back, I was very much still recovering! I have started working with my PT again this month, and I suddenly realised how much fitter, stronger and mentally able I was this time round compared to my feeble attempts in February!

I found in June and July when I was trying to attend some online circuit classes, that although I was training, my mental resilience had totally disappeared! Whenever it got hard or I started to get tired, my brain wanted me to just stop and give up, I could’t believe it! I have never struggled with pushing through, but where my brain had adapted to making sure it kept me safe, it was a tough mental battle. After a bit more time, and as the training with the horses naturally started to progress, I felt I was ready to start again. So this month I headed back to one to one sessions, and was totally shocked that not only can I lift more than in February, I had no problem with pushing through! The hour sessions just flew by, compared to the half hour sessions that completely wiped me out back in the winter. Which did get me thinking about how time is a wonderful thing!

The last month or so I have been working on getting some consistent training in with the horses. Over lockdown they progressed a lot, and through filming and analysing myself, had managed to continue to keep striving towards my goals. However the time had come where having an extra pair of eyes is invaluable! Both horses have benefited from some lessons this month, and it’s really helped keep my focus towards where we would like to be heading.

I have an overall vision that I would like to achieve, where I have time to compete and train my horses, whilst being able to deliver the best service I can to my clients. These last few months have really started to allow this to play out and I am super excited to see what the future holds! There are still a few more adjustments to come to my services with some new things on the horizon which are sure to help keep your motivation through the winter months! I can’t wait to get my online workshops and clinics up and running, allowing anyone anywhere to benefit from the training that will be on offer!

Over the last few months I have been working with Riviera PR, who has really helped me start to develop my online presence and social media reach! I have also been lucky enough to be asked to represent the Equi-Trade team. Equi-Trade is an affordable platform to buy and sell all equine related, animals, services and products. I have been working with Kate, over lockdown and am super excited to be sponsored by them!

I am forever grateful to all the companies that not only support me but have also given the Loyalty Club exclusive discounts. This month Paddock Apparel - a fabulous Cornish equestrian lifestyle brand, Laura Blount Art - amazing animal portraits (thinking Christmas presents anyone!?) and Riviera PR - who has so brilliantly coached me to maximise my buisiness and following, have all offered discounts for Loyalty Club Members.

The next month is set to be an exciting one with new services launching, lots of training and maybe even a competition on the horizon!

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Rachel Lambert
Rachel Lambert
Sep 05, 2020


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