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Management Journeys 

Welcome to my first blog!! I have decided that writing a blog monthly, would be a great way of keeping you up to date with my journey, celebrating the highs and the lows along the way! So far this year I have had some amazing highs with completing the National Development Programme of Coaching Excellence, which was a fantastic course and has actually, among other trainings, inspired this website to be created, online booking and hopefully me providing you guys with more value and interesting content.

Gkar finishing 8th at the National Pet Plan Finals at Inter I was most certainly a moment to remember! At 20 years young this horse owes me nothing but yet has delivered everything!!

Borris and Dotty have being coming along really well, both starting to mature and strengthen, and I was so excited to take Borris to his first BD Training the week after nationals. However with such highs in horses it of course meant that perhaps I was due my lows! Borris suffered a sprain to his collateral ligament before Christmas and after jumping a large patch of light at his BD training, it was evident that he had redone it. After much diagnostic work and changing his shoeing he had his coffin joint injected last week. The prognosis is not great for his poor naturally bad feet and large weight that he has to carry on them at 18hh, however those that know me will know that I don't give up easily so it's a case of time for him.

The other blow that came swiftly after nationals is that Gkar went lame behind, after rest and 2 months of working closely with the vet we have concluded that sometime after nations, he fractured his pelvis. It seems such a shame that at 20, it was not his age that got him but an injury from rolling in the field. However it is possible that he may come right again but it's 6 months of quiet field rest for him. G will stay with me at Bluebell for his sabbatical, in hope that he stays at least a little bit sane!! So as I have been reading Carl Hesters autobiography whilst all this has been going on, I came across a part that seem to hit home! Carl talked about we must learn with each if these horses, to manage them, that we are in fact on a management journey. So I agree!! This is just a management journey that I need to learn along the way!! Dotty however is the silver lining, as she really has started to come into her own! Apart from loving being number 1 horse, she really is getting stronger and I'm excited to see what the next few months bring for her!

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