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Hi All,

I wanted to update you on a few changes from September, as most of you know now I am relocating to Cirencester but will be returning to Frenches twice a month!

To make the runnings of clinics easier there will no longer be any 30 mins sessions but there will be 45mins pairs, alongside the normal 45mins private.

For those of you who attend regularly you find the New Academy membership of benifit! It includes your private 45mins session plus 5 mins video analysis a month, as well as unmounted training too, plus as a member you can save 10% off extra sessions.

This has only gone out to current clients today and will be open to everyone else tomorrow - spaces are limited.

You can of course still book sessions at the clinic without being a member!

If this is something of interest you can find out more info and join from the front page of the app below annocements.

Any questions do feel free to ask!

Victoria Bell
Val Goode


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