Team Blount Loyalty Club

Online learning, Community and support.

This club was originally designed to support people through the first lockdown but now has evolved to help riders anywhere in the world with their learning on and off the horse!

It is an online hub of  vital information to help you on your equestrian journey whatever your level! 

You have exclusive access to the forum where I post a new exercise every week with progressions for beginners up to the higher levels, as shown in the video below. My vision for the Loyalty Club is to provide a place where people can access learning, exercises and challenges a the tap of a finger, making the fundamentals of dressage accessible to all!

There are monthly LIVE events run via zoom, where you can be involved in the discussions around common subjects or even bring questions about your training to the table. Allowing you to get access to a qualified coach in between lessons.

This hub is for anyone wanting to be part of a fast growing supportive community, and is the ideal supplement to their training, no matter where they are in the world!


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