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How to Design your own Warm up Plan

  • 4Weeks
  • 13Steps
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Do you get stuck warming up and find it's not productive? Do you get distracted by others and don't achieve what you want? Do warm ups seem daunting as you've got no idea how to get the best out of your horse? This course is carefully created to help you design a warm up plan that is specific to you and your horse, which will effectively help you perform to your best. The course covers : -Working out what elements you actually need in a warm up. - The language you can use to remind yourself of what to do. - How to test and reflect on effectiveness. - Strategies for the "what ifs". - How to make your warm up count. Easy to follow videos give you the information you need to go away and practice each element. As well as a printable worksheet or plan that you can take with you to competitions. Amy Blount is a Dressage Rider and Coach. She has competed up to Inter I and has the UKCC Level 3 as well as being a BD Accredited Coach and a BHS Accredited Professional Coach. Amy's passion has always been to help people on their journeys to get the best out of themselves and their horses.

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