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Appreciate Progress.

As I look back through my blogs from this year, I cant help but think what a year it has been!! For every high there has been a low, for every triumph there has been a challenge! But the biggest thing I have learnt this year is 'To appreciate progress'. No matter the set back, the challenge or goal, its important to recognise progress, and of course celebrate it!! It's all too easy to keep trugging along day to day and not realise how far you have come, and recognise the progress you have made.

This has been most true, in the last month. When people ask me how I am it's easy to say 'yer I'm getting there, slowly!', when actually I think back to when I wrote my last blog just over a month ago, I am much better now than I was then!! The feeling in my front teeth had only just started to return, my nose was still healing from bring broken and the fatigue was unbearable. I have made significant changes to my diet to make sure I'm including the brain foods I need, so much so my husband has banished my food, to what he calls the health cupboard!!😂😂

I have worked hard on getting a strict sleep pattern, which has been helped by meditation, and physio has improved me alot!!

I am far from back to normal, but I have to say actually I'm not sure I want to be there - I want to be better!! Being off has given me the chance to reset, find a sustainable lifestyle, a way to really get the best out of myself, which hopefully I can maintain in my return to work!!

The next chapter will be hard, as I need to get fitter and stronger again, as well as return to work! I am super excited to try coaching again - although I will be working reduced hours until I see fit, so that I dont over do it. Borris has been fantastic in helping me get riding again although it's only in school under supervision at the moment, it's a start!!

The cherry on the top has been finishing my Centre10 Applied Phycology for Equestrian Coaches course, which at one point I was unsure if it was going to be possible! I have learnt so much, and have many tools in the kit for the new year - particularly for my new service which I am offering called 'Performance Conversations'. This is an unmounted session which can be used for anything, particularly planning, goal Setting, and review/reflection.

Looking ahead to 2020 I am very excited to get going! I have recently been selected as an Ambassador for Flying Changes Coaching, to work with Jeni and her team who is a mindset coach, which will hopefully keep me on track for my goals this year! I have my new diary and success journal at the ready, so bring on the new year and all its challenges!!

Here's hoping you all had a restful Christmas and have a wonderful new year!!

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