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Remote Services

Video Analysis

This service is offered as a stand alone service where you can book a single test into be analysed. This is perfect if you are training at home, wanting to move up a level or just get some feedback.

For all Video analysis I use the OnForm App, which allows me to voice over, draw on, slow mo. and run side by side comparisons, making it an invaluable tool to any rider's reflection.

 As all video analysis is pre recorded, I can do this for anyone even if you have not trained with me previously. 


Virtual Lessons


Virtual Lessons are now available via Zoom or Pivo Meet and are bookable online. These sessions sadly are only available to combinations I have previously trained face to face a minimum of 3 times, or who have had a minimum of 3 unmounted sessions and video analysis first.

If  you have not had a virtual lesson before then I strongly recommend taking advantage of my FREE trail. You book these online, and it will automatically send you a zoom link for the session. The trail gives us chance to work out the technology and for you to see if this is something you can work with before committing to a full session. 

For Zoom there are a few options, you can use 1 device with a set of Bluetooth ear phones, the device will need to be placed at the end of your arena or have someone filling, and you will need to stay within range.

We can also use 2 devices - 1 to film, and you can then call me off a phone in your pocket. You can use Bluetooth or wired headphones for this option and can go further afield.

Pivo Meet is for those who have a Pivo already. All you need to do is book your slot online, it will still send you a zoom link just encase, and then forward me the link via Wix just before your lesson.

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