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My Top 7 tips for Goal Setting Success.

Goal Setting is talked about so much these days, and it can be very daunting setting a goal, that may or may not be achievable. This is actually why some people don't set them, because they don't want to fail. However there are a few simple techniques that could set you up for success, and make sure you have a clear plan on how to get there.

1) Look at the bigger Picture.

When setting goals for you and your horse take a step back and look at the bigger picture, where are you heading? and Where would you like to be heading? Often we are really good at setting some small goals that help us in the short term, but we may not stick to them because we don't see how relevant they are to the bigger picture. For example you may set a goal that involves getting fitter or improving your core strength, but because it doesn't align with what you are doing in your schooling sessions right now, you may not feel inspired to keep it up. However if you knew that you were working to improve your seat, or sitting trot because it is needed at the next level, you might be more inclined to keep at it because there is a long term benefit.

2) Work Backwards from the Big Goal.

Whatever the goal you have set yourself, work backwards from it and decide on the steps that would need to happen for you to achieve it. Whether the goal is short, medium or long term this will give you a step by step guide on how you will move forwards from now.

3) Make sure your Goal fits with 'SMARTER'.

There are lots of different structures that you can set goals with, and of course you should use the one that suits you best. However if you are unsure where to start 'SMARTER' is very common and easy to understand.

Every goal should be:

  1. Specific

  2. Measurable

  3. Achievable

  4. Recorded

  5. Time Phased

  6. Exciting

  7. Realistic

4) Break it right down to Tiny Tickable Targets.

Sometimes goals can seem out of reach, but you can create a list of tiny tickable targets that you can tick off as you achieve them. There is nothing more rewarding than ticking off tasks or mini goals as you go. This also makes sure that you are measuring your progress and recording it. These tasks can be so small that they are achievable on a daily basis, making every day a tiny step closer to your goal.

5) Celebrate your Mini Wins!

If you have set several goals or even ones that are quite big, make sure you celebrate the little wins along the way, even the things that might seem insignificant. One of my goals is to get Dotty more relaxed in busy environments, and sometimes just working in the school with lots of noise outside is a huge achievement, because not so long ago she may not have coped. Remember often the most enjoyable part of achieving your goals is actually the journey along the way!

6) Be held Accountable.

We all probably know this but do we actually do it? Accountability is the very reason we sign up to LIVE classes, or book lessons, so there is someone to make sure we have done what we were supposed to have done. Find someone that is interested in what you are doing, and that will hold you accountable, but not be on your case every 5 seconds. Have dates that you can check in on with that person, all they need to ask is where are you at? Are you on track? Nothing too technical but enough to get you to think about it. Even if you have had set backs, regular check in's can help spark the motivation again and help you realign with your goals. If you are not sure who to ask try my NEW monthly goal check in the 'Challenges' Section on the app, it effectively acts as your accountability partner and checks in twice a week.

7) Embrace Mistakes.

Last but certainly not least allow your self to make mistakes!! I know, I know, its not everybody's cup of tea but the reality is that if we don't make mistakes we wont learn! If something doesn't quite go to plan, embrace it and treat it as a learning opportunity. Take the opportunity to find out what you could do differently going forwards? Know that the line to success is never straight, and everybody has set backs, but its those that learn from them, accelerate the fastest.

Hopefully this has given you a few things to think about and set you on the right track to achieving your goals without them being to daunting!! Don’t forget to head over to the Challenges tab for you Goal Tracker!

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