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A shock to the System.

I have been a little slow with my blog recently, mostly because it has been a crazy few months ! A mad summer followed by a change in focus.

At the end of August I became quite ill, which resulted in me having almost 2 weeks off work, which for anyone who knows me, knows that’s like a lifetime! After tests and numerous questions, there wasn’t much explanation for my extreme fatigue and painful side. However I was starting to feel slightly better so off back to work I went. I expected to struggle a little having basically lay still for 2 weeks but it was almost like starting again!

The reality is after suffering a shoulder injury a few months back and then nursing my side on and off all year, my own training had dropped off somewhat, and the lack of consistency had really taken its toll. So what had seemed easy only a few months ago, now was really hard. Muscles were aching that hadn't ached for years, and Cardio fitness was pretty much extinct!!

My head comes up with all these wonderful things I should be doing - Pilates, Personal Training, going for a run, swimming, but I couldn’t even ride without aching!! So September was kept simple - get riding, stay riding, and gently build up in PT.

Finally I am seeing the reward, for the first time in actually 6 months I managed to train my upper body, I then managed a pretty tough interval 2km run, for the first time in a while I actually feel like I can start to push myself again, instead of just getting by.

At the beginning of this year I was probably at my fittest then only a month ago I was probably at my worst.

The moral of this story!? Never underestimate your fitness, never feel like it’s ok to just get by, and remember if we feel like this what do our horses feel like after a few weeks off, and then we ask them to work!?

I have been helped by the addition of Pegasus Jewellery Vitality Boost Bracelet these last couple of months. The magnetic therapy helps with aches, pains, lack of sleep and circulation problems. It’s pretty handy to wear to work as it’s lightweight and easy to clean because it’s a silicon bracelet - Bonus!

God knows I have needed a boost this last month!!

Whilst I have been getting fit again, so have the horses, and although I don't want to speak too soon everyone seems to be improving! Who knows next months blog may have an update on the little and the large one!!

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