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"Looking for the good"

It's been another somewhat challenging month with it been my busiest time of year and after last month, with the horses being diagnosed with their various ailments, I have been determined to make my own luck!!

I have been working away at fine tuning the app for clients to do their online booking, which in its self is proving invaluable, allowing me more time to do what I love which is coach and ride! Dotty has been working hard getting ready for her first competition, and Borris has come back into work quietly.

It's been difficult watching G's muscle waste away on his injured hind quarter, but it is fair to say he is very happy!! If not a little fat!

This month sadly I have been the sick note with an injured shoulder. After taking Dotty for a lesson it went into major spasm, and after many physio treatments and 3 gentle weeks, I am finally getting it back stronger.

However the real great things that have out weighed my challenges this month are that I have been having a great time supporting clients out and about, including at Barbury International Horse Trails and 3 Pony Club Area Competitions. Nothing excites me more than to see clients out their giving it their all!!

Dotty has also made it to her first ever competition and what a pro she was!! I really couldn't have asked any more from her last week and that was before I knew she had won both classes with over 70%!! So I have set some goals for the next couple of months! Stay tuned to find out what she gets up to!!

This month I have been determined that at some point if I keep working away, I would be due some good luck and as they say good things come to those who wait!!

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