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The line to success is never straight.

How is it March already!? This year seems to be flying along however I mustn’t complain as the same cant be said for this winter! The weather has been pretty rubbish, and has been the reason of competitions being cancelled, clinics been rearranged and some ridiculously fresh horses! However stay strong everyone as spring is coming!! Hopefully. . .

I also have been victim of the fresh horse, this time of year is when Dotty is at her quickest and after a quiet few weeks, she has been a little explosive to say the least! Luckily I have a brilliant friend and rider in Mary Burnfield, who comes in to save the day. It’s taken me a while to realise that I really can’t afford to take risks, in the 12 months after suffering a concussion, it’s pretty important you don’t sustain another one as they are accumulative. As much as I hate to be reliant on other people, Mary has been a vital part of me even being able to ride, as riding when you are trying protect yourself only makes for trouble, you ride with less confidence and give the horse nothing. If your riding a Dotty it can also mean that your not brave when your should be!!

However we are getting there!

The reason Dotty had a quiet couple of weeks is because after months of trying to decide if she was quite right or not, I came to the conclusion we really needed to get the vet involved as we were not making any progress. If I’m honest I think there has been a small, something going on for a good few months, she wasn’t lame and could go about her day to day life very easily, but obviously with my own issues, it has been difficult to get to a stage we could do anything about it. So due to a pretty big growth spurt behind Dotty has become pretty upright through her hocks, and it was causing her some discomfort. So I’m going to be totally open about this and say we have medicated her hocks. I did beat myself for a while as she is only 7, but the reality is if shes uncomfortable we need to treat her. The vets were pretty optimistic that it is probably because she shot up behind so quickly, and hopefully with a good joint supplement should be absolutely fine. The reassuring thing is that it’s not happened because of something I have done, it’s happened because she grew very quickly, and I can take confidence from that as I can’t control it! The great news is with every ride she is feeling better and better, so a good few weeks of building her muscle back up and hopefully she will be on the right track again!

I have been super busy coaching all over and can honestly say I have loved being back out and about, catching up with everyone before the season starts. One of my favourite things to really check in with at this time of year is people’s tactical skills. And this week found myself being interviewed for a Pod Cast!! I have recently found myself becoming quite the podcast fan but was totally surprised to be asked to be on one!! It was an amazing opportunity and enjoyed every minute of it!

Whilst I’m in the mood for doing new things I have also taken on a new role, only a couple of weeks ago I was offered the role of British Dressage Central Regions Coaching Rep. I love anything to do with being a better coach and I cannot think of a better way to share my passion, I’m sure all of us coaches have,which is to be the best we can be. It is a voluntary role which won’t affect my normal coaching, but if anything add to it! I will be involved in planning and running training for coaches in the region, which stretches from Hereford/Worcestershire, right down to Berkshire. I’m really excited to get going and Thankful to the Central Committee for giving me this opportunity!!

I am definitely getting there in almost feeling where I should be after my accident in October, but true to form after having a few weeks of feeling amazing I have recently had a few weeks of my dizziness returning. I know and have planned for this to be a rough road, with moments when I feel great and moments when I dont. However I'm working away very steadily at my fitness, as well as my routines and I am very slowly getting there! It's that age old saying that the line to success is never straight!

Im looking forward to a slightly sunnier and hopefully far less wind month ahead 🙏🙏.

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